The crêperie

A home, crêpes, family and friends

The Maison de la Crêpe, is a crêperie but it is also much more! It is an old home still standing strong, that we decided
to keep old with a few additions and touch-ups here and there; it is a place where we serve up well-made food
with lots of love (platonic of course).

Inside Maison de la Crêpe, you will find…

Friends, family, skiers (but no skis), comfort, warmth, beautiful wood, attractive smells, treats, tradition,
culinary innovation, crêpes, soup, maple syrup, forgotten mittens, kids, people who love to brunch, people who love
to eat, sugar lovers, good wines, Starbucks coffee, people that drop by quickly, people that stay while, a big kitchen,
people that eat everything, “locavores”, people that come from far, people that live right next door, roaring fires in
the fireplace, cords of firewood, lots of tables and even more chairs.