The experience

Fresh crêpes in a real new old house

Maison de la Crêpe is a big old house, fully revamped, where a team that loves for fresh, quality products
meets to create mouth-watering crêpes, filled with irresistible toppings.

At Maison de la Crêpe, we love…

Crêpes, chocolate, hazelnuts, both mixed together, praline, béchamel, old houses like ours, the Régine café,
good cheese, any kind of bacon, real vegetables, old furniture, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, rolled,
folded, decorated crêpes, but not crammed, Uncle René, smoked salmon, Brittany and Bretons (real people and
the ones in Asterix), family, friends, skiing, snow, but lakes too, maple syrup, fudge, local products that
can be eaten, hot chocolate and cold chocolate too, long-lasting brunches, Bailey’s, Starbucks coffee,
weekends, kids, Fridays, the mountain, tourists (yes, yes), tradition, innovation, old photos, ham and
whipped cream, but not together.