The menu

Perfect crêpes anytime of day, to eat at our place
or in the village

For breakfast, lunch, brunch, early dinner or a snack, we make crêpes just like they do in Brittany but even better because
we serve them with an extra touch of love à la Québecois! Plus, we add tons of good local and fresh ingredients, all
homemade just like our Nutella, peanut butter brittle and fudge.

We wracked our brains to create the most delicious recipes, but you can also create your own customize crêpe and we
will be happy to make it for you!

We make crêpes for food lovers, for people with a sweet tooth, for those who eat healthy, for friends, for skiers,
families, children and also just because we love them!

We also serve salads, onion soup, smoothies and side dishes, so you will have a variety of choices while you are with us.